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tree farm development

well it’s easy to guess what this subject is going to be about.

I have been working hard on trying to figure out how to make a tree farm and what distances it requires to grow the trees.  So far it has been working and it uses spruce trees!  Another reason why I love the tiaga biome (winter) so much.  So far I’m able to get 320 pieces of spruce logs in an hour!  And that is only farming 6 trees, it’s super fast and should provide unlimited amounts of wood to your projects.  Remember 

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  1. Wow. How big are these farms? I wish different types of trees would have different purposes, like different strength, how flammable, or even colour of the wooden planks it make.

    -Maggieblue 实力-

    • well with a farm of 25 trees I’ve calculated that it takes 5 stacks of strairs but would get you about 20 stacks of spruce logs an hour so I don’t think you’d run out of wood very soon. The thing is that it takes a large amount of resources if you want to make it look nice and have the trees placed perfectly every time. I spent the last 3 days gathering materials for it.

  2. I have a question for the next video. What is your real name? How old are you? What do you for your intro? Put those in.

    • well I can give you my age and what program I use for my intro but I probably won’t say my name because of identity theft. If you want to know just look at my profile, my email says it all.

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