officailly survival


request granted

request granted

the heyena? Is that how you spell it?



  1. Actually it’s spelled hyena…I think…now I’m questioning it.

  2. It’s spelt hyena

    • I’m already subscribed to you look under subscribers on your channel page

  3. Hyena. Thanks survivalman

    • no problem, make sure to catch my new iron survivor episode tomorrow starting at 4am (I don’t think anyone will be awake) I am trying some new stuff and I would like to know how I did with it! 🙂

  4. Thanks for inviting me to become an author. But until this frustrating problem with SC is fixed, I have nothing to post about yet.

    Do you know of a way to back up SC worlds to your device without being able to get on the game? I’m hopefully going to try uninstalling and downloading the app again to see if that works, but I have some important stuff I don’t want lost.

    • Hmm well you could look under your files manager on your device and find survivalcraft and find the worlds and move them to your sd card, might work I don’t know.

      anyways what’s going on with your blog? I was going to post today about the tree farm but I think it got a bit messed up!

      • I tried that. I need a computer or to root my phone. It doesn’t give me access to all the files, like the code. It only showed worlds I saved to the system memory.

        I watched the first 2mins of your new vid but then I was interrupted. I’ll watch it again. I thought it was an efficient tree farm though. What’s messed up?

      • well when i go onto the blog it’s all red and there are no post shown for me. I can’t find the menu to go to different screens either.

      • never mind it is under the red part………… What a derp on my part 🙂

      • I’ve been trying to find new theme but wordpress doesn’t cooperate and let me fix the errors.

      • are you trying this on a computer?

      • No. I finally got it to work on my phone. I had to use my ninja skills:-)

        The problem was the sidebar would not stay down long enough for me to click a button, so I kept trying to hit the buttons really fast before it went away…finally I did it fast enough. I bet I looked pretty stupid with my hands ready to press the button, and as soon as the sidebar went down I would stab the screen really fast:-)

      • lol well at least your phone works right now my charger broke and I’m at 40% battery, that will last maybe an hour if I’m really lucky, so I might only be able to get one more iron survivor episode in before my new phone arrives next week! (btw I’m happy for the phone not the lack of videos)

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