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Celebrate good times, come on!

I’m sooo happy, I’ll have just finished a year in 3 days and I just got my 100th subscriber on youtube!  At first I was happy to be making videos but no one watched them, I had about 10 views at most for a good 3 months, then I got my first subscriber. About 5 months after that I was still around 3 subscribers and maybe 20 views average, then I did something I’d never done before…………  I shared what I knew about survivalcraft with youtube.

I started doing tutorials on survivalcraft and my subscribers jumped rapidly to 18 but then stalled for a month, what went wrong? Well it was my content quality, it was so laggy, around 10 fps! So I lowered the graphics of survivalcraft and bam! I was making smoother videos than every before, and I started growing rapidly, in a month I had went from 18 to 63 subsribers! Then from there on out I averaged about 1 subscriber a day and within another month I was at around 90.

That’s where I hit a road block, my recording app failed me and I had nothing to do about, it wasn’t long until the problem solved itself and yet another problem arose, YOUTUBE. Youtube had the great idea that every now and then it will let a video upload and be aloud to be edited but most the times not.  I still deal with this but What video I make I try thrice a day until it works and I make it the best I feel it can be before releasing it to the public. So the past 10 subscribers have been a challenge but it was well worth it and I’m now celebrating with a montage of the good old memories when editing was easy, so check it out on youtube. Here’s the link to my Channel.

So as a way to give back to you guys of the public and say thank you, I want to start a conversation here on how to start out on youtube. Always remember

Together we can build the world!



  1. Congratulations. BTW, where did you get the music from your 100th subscriber vid? I was in the process of making a soundtrack like it in Caustic. It was turning out to be amazing. And then the app just decided to delete the entire song without warning…it does that every time I make an awesome soundtrack. And I even try to load the latest saved version of the song but nope, replaced with nothing. And the funny thing is, it always saves songs that I mess up or fail on.

    • i got the music from the youtube editor, not sure what it was titled though.

      • Oh. Cool. Youtube editor is too buggy to use on my phone. I finally restored that song I was making. If it doesn’t getdeleted again, it should be published on my blog soon. It’s awesome:-)

      • well I use the youtube editor on my computer because my phone simply just doesn’t recognize what the youtube editor is.

  2. What app did you use cuz I wanna make SC vids?

    • well depends if you use apple devices than use youtube capture, if you’re android than your phone needs to be rooted and then you can find all sorts of recording apps on the google play store.

      • I’m Android. But I got no computer so I can’t root anyway.

      • hmm. seems you’re stuck my friend.

      • RosslynB

        THANK YOU! I NOW DON’T NEED A $250 CAMCORDER TO RECORD MY SUPER PAPER MARIO LET’S PLAY! I AM IN YOUR DEBT! SO…HAPPY… *collapses onto new desk, with dorky smile*

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