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Getting over the mountain

Well now I am finally free and have some time to make youtube videos and start posting so it brought to my attention the tips to youtube.  So for step one, it is a really hard step, you need to get a screen recording app.  This would be easy except for the fact that for most android users you will have to root your phone which isn’t very easy.  If you’re ios users than this step is a bit easier, you can go download youtube capture for your phone although with ios 7 I’m not sure what will work or not. Now as for windows phones I simply have no clue what so ever and am baffled as to how they work!  If you can get a screen recorder for your phone or tablet than you’re set for success but it’s no easy task.                              


I have android but don’t have a rooted tablet or phone so getting a screen recorder is almost impossible but for some reason I can get screencast (a root  required app) to work on my tablet and not my phone so it may depend on your device sometimes so if you’re android and aren’t rooted still install a root requiring app and test it out, it may work. And remember

           Together we can build the world!



  1. hi survivalman even i am a new survivalcraft youtuber, would you like to check it out
    also can u put my channel in your featured channel list

    i m not competing with you all i wanted is to start my own youtube channel.

    • I never feel people are competitors, I feel they’re someone to learn from and improve by seeing how they do things!

      • i am ready to give you a nice intro like in my channel

      • how’d you make that?

      • i will send u a private message on youtube there i will put the link

        so it will be something like this
        title : SurvivalMan
        subtitle: SurvivalCraft tutorials

      • okay are you just going to send it through the email that youtube has?

      • i will send u the mediafire link next week

      • okay but you can email me what it is called at

  2. RosslynB

    Do you know a root-required app for Apple that might work without rooting?

    • well for apple you’re going to need to jailbreak but there is an app you can try, it’s called youtube capture it’s for apple only!

      • RosslynB

        No in-screen for me

      • so you’re saying you want to record your device from your device right? in that case there is an app called youtube capture that should work and if it doesn’t go to daverave40’s channel and look back through his videos it shows you how to record screen for ios but I think it’s broken due to the ios7 update….

      • RosslynB

        Can’t find it

      • well if you go onto youtube and find daverave40’s channel go through his videos and near the bottom or middle there is a video showing you how to record your screen. That is if your ios

      • RosslynB

        I even tried Daverave’s method. I won’t be in-screening anytime soon

      • hmm I don’t know what to tell you then, I could record my tablets screen only by dumb luck because for some reason it can take root required apps and run them but my new phone won’t and I can’t figure out how to root it.

      • RosslynB

        I suggest not rooting it. I looked into it, and it actually nulls all warranties, damage and replacement.

      • yeah I know

  3. I finally rooted my device and im ready to start my lets play.

    • awesome I can’t wait! What device do you have?

      • Android

      • I know that but what kind of android device, for example I have the zte valet!

      • I honestly forgot the name. Lol. Its pretty fast. It handles 160 blocks easily. But, I’ve been wanting a new Htc phone that came out in september. The Galaxy S5 is coming in May i heard. If i get a new device i don’t know if i wanna risk rooting it and destroying a brand new phone. So I’ll stick with the phone i have for recording. 🙂

      • ok cool 🙂

  4. Survivalman, I’ve come across some problems with Weebly. I’m thinking about Jimdo. Can you take a look at the site and tell me how it looks? I hope you like it. I haven’t run into any problems yet except forums are unavailable (which I don’t think people will use anyway when there’s the official Survivalcraft Forum. I’ll probably provide a link to the Survivalcraft Lefora Forum.) Don’t forget to let me know how you like it and how I can improve it.

    • I do like the fact that my videos are there as tutorials but for the rye farm I would actually prefer that you use the video called a farm for daverave40 as that is a better design and the other one is outdated and isn’t as efficient.

      • ok i changed it 🙂

      • thank you do you think that the second method is better?

  5. BTW I added a videos page and used some of your videos.

  6. Survivalman, which website is your favorite?

    • well I’m not sure if it is because of the ability of being able to add more tabs or if it’s because you’ve spent more time on the jimbo website but that has the most tabs to it but sadly it’s very glitchy. So i would choose one of the other 3 as they progress.

  7. survivalman i have sent u the intro in ur mail.
    make sure to check it out

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