officailly survival


The big dig

So I found out how to make a late game house really early on in the game, the materials you are going to need are wood and stone for tools, clay, limestone, sand, and coal for building.  Now the digging comes in when you go caving and find either coal, limestone, or clay. Make sure to mine it because those three resources usually are found in a chain from my experience, and are fairly easy to mine. Now with the coal you mined smelt up the clay to make bricks and get sand (from a beach or desert) and cook it up with some limestone to make marble.  Bricks and marble go so well together it’s amazing and the resources are gathered so massively in such short time that you can make a really big and well detailed house as your starter house.  In fact on my let’s play I’m doing this off camera and I’ve been digging for an hour on a continuous chain of clay, coal, and limestone.  Pretty much to sum it up these are all good resources for building and are easily to gather. If you want you can request designs with brick and marble and I can show a few designs. Just remember,

                                                                                                 Together we can build the world!





  1. hi survivalman i m sorry couldnt give u the intro due to less time and i m busy but now i m free so will soon give u the link to the intro

    • okay I understand, we all are really busy at the moment

  2. and i found a better screen recorder then screencast its name is scr screen recorder pro (paid) (free only 3min recording time+ scr icon in recording) will provide u less lag and more video quality

    pm me for what settings are the best and how to get the crack

  3. comment me for anymore help

  4. and can u let me know how do you get auto task killer??
    BTW i got my 1st android phone 1 week back 🙂 so happy

    • well go to the google play store and search advanced task killer and in the settings on the app set it to every so often and it will close out any unnecessary background apps!

  5. My favorite material is granite,it looks nice once painted,isn’t flammable,and you can paint it to look like anything,though it is a bit later game since you must make paint

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