officailly survival


uh oh, not again

well horrible news, my screen recorder stopped working again! I mean is some greater power telling me that youtube isn’t for me or what! I had just finished overclocking my device and my videos were alot smoother and worked fine last episode. Why does it feel like this has happened to me before atleast 3 times!?!  In fact I was so caught up in the matter I almost forgot to post today! Well you probably already knew this if you watched the video I put out this morning but if you didn’t now you do. Well that’s all I have for today, I was going to post about my medieval world but I haven’t gotten much done so if rosslyn b. is ready for it I will hand it over. Remember

Together we can build the world



  1. I love your videos! Try a different app. There’s tons of them out there. 😦

    • Trust me I’m stubborn, I’m not giving up easily

  2. RosslynB

    I’m ready when you are!

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