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I’m back at it

So lately I have felt a new feeling towards survivalcraft with the silliest of things, cotton……

Yeah I spent like 3 days on survivalcraft just sitting in my bedroom farming cotton for no reason at all.  I started a test world to try and figure out how hard it would be to survive on the ios version from scratch and to maintain food and shelter and heat.  What I very quickly found out was that food and shelter were not the serious issue, I could survive for days if it weren’t for clothing.  My “original” clothes wore off on the first day and I soon started to get the freezing effect and died shortly after.  So I started a new in hopes of testing the best way to farm cotton and again failed very early in that world.  So being beaten I was so interested in how to start off it never occurred to me until 2 hours later that the ocean is the safest place from animals and a very source of water for a farm early game.

I now have tons of cotton/rye and spend most of my time interested in farming cotton.  I have since put a guide on how to farm cotton at insane rates and how I got 6 stacks of cloth.  I explain how cotton is one of the simplest crops to start with when learning how to farm in survivalcraft and how it is destined to be a success.

I have 2 videos on youtube currently explaining cotton and pumpkin farming and can be accessed below-

Cotten guide:

Pumpkin guide:

It’s also weird, I don’t remember making my blog look this good last time lol.

Together we can build the world!


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  1. Hey! Its me. Go on my blog for some EPIC worlds. I have a crazy parkour map and of course… Behemoth Valley 2.0 part 1. Here’s the link.

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