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My coding adventures!

Hello every one

Recently I have been working on how to code and I was working on html and css coding for a while.  Now I move on to learning javascript and how to make games!  This will be interesting since I am doing this as a gifted program activity.  I’m not sure how this will turn out since so far the only game I’ve managed to make on the free online course is a game of getting beaten up by batman as he waits by the bus stop with Cinderella. ( It wasn’t optional trust me……)

Anyways here’s a little bit of what I have learned so far.

var greeting = function (“Sir”) {

console.log(“how are you today” + ” ” + (Sir));


greeting(” sir”);

All in all this makes the console say “how are you today sir” and it’s really confusing.  If you want to check out the website the link to it is If I made any mistakes in my code and you understand it fell free to tell me so, it is really confusing. Always remember,

Together we can build the world!


behind the scenes

Well guys it’s currently Thanksgiving where I am and this led me to take action since I wanted to upload a video today but didn’t have the time.  So I am starting the only sensible thing to do when you want to spend more time with your family………. I pre recorded.

Now doing this I can record and upload maybe 3 in one day and fully edit them, then when I want to let a new video out to the public I just switch the setting of the video from private to public!

Smart I know, so this allows me to present a new video to the public on Thanksgiving and still spend time eating up all the turkey! Until next time remember,

Together we can build the world!

SC new trailer?

hey guys I was wondering whether or not I should try to convince Kaalus in letting me make the new trailer for SC.
this is a sample of what I can do, so tell me if you want me to try to get kaalus to allow me to make the new survivalcraft trailer!

My future plans!

welcome back to the blog, it’s time we shake off the cobwebs and start becoming more active.

lately i haven’t posted very much and I want to change that.  So to start with we are going to discuss my youtube series: The Lost series!

If you haven’t checked it out yet it may be a good idea to so that these next few weeks will be a little easier to follow along with. What i plan to do is to conjure up some talk about behind the scenes work of that series.

This is the main idea for now and many more ideas will unravel themselves in the newer post!  That’s all I have for today and remember!

Together we can build the world!

the automatic boat dispenser!

I’ve been working on a way to automatically get off a boat and have it go off and be destroyed.  I’ve finally figured it out and it uses some pretty strange in game mechanics.  Well I guess that’s kinda my job to figure these out and put them to good use.

Any ways I will make a tutorial on it soon.  It’s meant to be used for a poor person but can be made to be pretty tricked out I think!

Now on the subject of the new 1.24 weapon I would hope it to be a harpoon or something of that matter to make the game a little easier.  If you didn’t see the post yet here’s a link to it.

Also here are the links to my survivalcraft survival series. EP.1  EP.2  


I survive!

Welcome back to the amazing blog we all know as survivalmanblog!

I am super happy for my new survival series on youtube!

I will link it in the next post!

how to make a x-ray machine in survivalcraft

giant house overload!

well guys in my last post I mentioned how you could find my giant house on download, well i looked on the community content and found a surprise.  At the number 2 slot for most downloads was giant house, well when i downloaded what i thought was my build, I found it was someone else’s whose build was much more impressive.  I will make sure to do a world tour of it on my youtube channel, so if you want to see it I could post a picture but just check it out for yourself

my modern house! called gaint house on download



I just wanted to announce that on my adventure map I’ve finally finished by giant modern house!!!  It’s really big and took a lot of time, but in the end I’m really pleased with it.  I’ll upload the world to community content so you can have the house by its self.  In the next post I plan to post a picture of it and the name of the world.  Until next time……


                                                                                                Together we can build the world!