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I’m back at it

So lately I have felt a new feeling towards survivalcraft with the silliest of things, cotton……

Yeah I spent like 3 days on survivalcraft just sitting in my bedroom farming cotton for no reason at all.  I started a test world to try and figure out how hard it would be to survive on the ios version from scratch and to maintain food and shelter and heat.  What I very quickly found out was that food and shelter were not the serious issue, I could survive for days if it weren’t for clothing.  My “original” clothes wore off on the first day and I soon started to get the freezing effect and died shortly after.  So I started a new in hopes of testing the best way to farm cotton and again failed very early in that world.  So being beaten I was so interested in how to start off it never occurred to me until 2 hours later that the ocean is the safest place from animals and a very source of water for a farm early game.

I now have tons of cotton/rye and spend most of my time interested in farming cotton.  I have since put a guide on how to farm cotton at insane rates and how I got 6 stacks of cloth.  I explain how cotton is one of the simplest crops to start with when learning how to farm in survivalcraft and how it is destined to be a success.

I have 2 videos on youtube currently explaining cotton and pumpkin farming and can be accessed below-

Cotten guide:

Pumpkin guide:

It’s also weird, I don’t remember making my blog look this good last time lol.

Together we can build the world!


uh oh, not again

well horrible news, my screen recorder stopped working again! I mean is some greater power telling me that youtube isn’t for me or what! I had just finished overclocking my device and my videos were alot smoother and worked fine last episode. Why does it feel like this has happened to me before atleast 3 times!?!  In fact I was so caught up in the matter I almost forgot to post today! Well you probably already knew this if you watched the video I put out this morning but if you didn’t now you do. Well that’s all I have for today, I was going to post about my medieval world but I haven’t gotten much done so if rosslyn b. is ready for it I will hand it over. Remember

Together we can build the world

The big dig

So I found out how to make a late game house really early on in the game, the materials you are going to need are wood and stone for tools, clay, limestone, sand, and coal for building.  Now the digging comes in when you go caving and find either coal, limestone, or clay. Make sure to mine it because those three resources usually are found in a chain from my experience, and are fairly easy to mine. Now with the coal you mined smelt up the clay to make bricks and get sand (from a beach or desert) and cook it up with some limestone to make marble.  Bricks and marble go so well together it’s amazing and the resources are gathered so massively in such short time that you can make a really big and well detailed house as your starter house.  In fact on my let’s play I’m doing this off camera and I’ve been digging for an hour on a continuous chain of clay, coal, and limestone.  Pretty much to sum it up these are all good resources for building and are easily to gather. If you want you can request designs with brick and marble and I can show a few designs. Just remember,

                                                                                                 Together we can build the world!



Getting over the mountain

Well now I am finally free and have some time to make youtube videos and start posting so it brought to my attention the tips to youtube.  So for step one, it is a really hard step, you need to get a screen recording app.  This would be easy except for the fact that for most android users you will have to root your phone which isn’t very easy.  If you’re ios users than this step is a bit easier, you can go download youtube capture for your phone although with ios 7 I’m not sure what will work or not. Now as for windows phones I simply have no clue what so ever and am baffled as to how they work!  If you can get a screen recorder for your phone or tablet than you’re set for success but it’s no easy task.                              


I have android but don’t have a rooted tablet or phone so getting a screen recorder is almost impossible but for some reason I can get screencast (a root  required app) to work on my tablet and not my phone so it may depend on your device sometimes so if you’re android and aren’t rooted still install a root requiring app and test it out, it may work. And remember

           Together we can build the world!

Celebrate good times, come on!

I’m sooo happy, I’ll have just finished a year in 3 days and I just got my 100th subscriber on youtube!  At first I was happy to be making videos but no one watched them, I had about 10 views at most for a good 3 months, then I got my first subscriber. About 5 months after that I was still around 3 subscribers and maybe 20 views average, then I did something I’d never done before…………  I shared what I knew about survivalcraft with youtube.

I started doing tutorials on survivalcraft and my subscribers jumped rapidly to 18 but then stalled for a month, what went wrong? Well it was my content quality, it was so laggy, around 10 fps! So I lowered the graphics of survivalcraft and bam! I was making smoother videos than every before, and I started growing rapidly, in a month I had went from 18 to 63 subsribers! Then from there on out I averaged about 1 subscriber a day and within another month I was at around 90.

That’s where I hit a road block, my recording app failed me and I had nothing to do about, it wasn’t long until the problem solved itself and yet another problem arose, YOUTUBE. Youtube had the great idea that every now and then it will let a video upload and be aloud to be edited but most the times not.  I still deal with this but What video I make I try thrice a day until it works and I make it the best I feel it can be before releasing it to the public. So the past 10 subscribers have been a challenge but it was well worth it and I’m now celebrating with a montage of the good old memories when editing was easy, so check it out on youtube. Here’s the link to my Channel.

So as a way to give back to you guys of the public and say thank you, I want to start a conversation here on how to start out on youtube. Always remember

Together we can build the world!

Survivalcraft woos

Well it was a normal day and my battery was getting low so I went to plug in the charger and it STOPPED WORKING!!! So now I can’t post much about survivalcraft but make sure to check out maggieblues blog, there’s intresting stuff there and I post every monday on. Remember

Together we can build the world!

Merry Christmas!

Although not many people will read this because they are all enjoying time with their family this Christmas, for those who are I want to wish them a merry Christmas and a safe one!Image

request granted

request granted

the heyena? Is that how you spell it?

New survivalcraft feature

New survivalcraft feature

The rare white tiger!

tree farm development

well it’s easy to guess what this subject is going to be about.

I have been working hard on trying to figure out how to make a tree farm and what distances it requires to grow the trees.  So far it has been working and it uses spruce trees!  Another reason why I love the tiaga biome (winter) so much.  So far I’m able to get 320 pieces of spruce logs in an hour!  And that is only farming 6 trees, it’s super fast and should provide unlimited amounts of wood to your projects.  Remember 

Together we can build the world